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wroclaw | poland | oct 2016

after visiting krakow last year I had high hopes for wrocław, it did not disappoint.

I arrived to the rain but it did not dampen my excitement as I arrived from the airport to the city centre.

After I was dropped off by a good friend of mine at the 'grampa's hostel' ($20 single room).

Its about a 10 minute walk to the main historical area of the city. My first introduction to polish culture was a traditional doughnut store 'stara paczkarnia' it had a long queue outside so of course I felt i had to try the traditional polish doughnut with rose filling and candied orange on top ($0.75c). This was defiantly the best doughnut I have every eaten and I have been to the USA so many times but I can honestly say this is the true home of the best doughnut in the world.

wrocław is famous for old square and jewish culture. in the city centre they have a little tourist attraction that is not noticeable at first but when you see them they are very charming. gnome's have been placed all around the city imitating different parts of life.

cross the river to the northeast and you will arrive in another historic part of town with the main cathedral 'Cathedral of St. John the Baptist'. this part is famous for of course the cathedral but also the fact that all the street lamps are still lit by hand every night. if your lucky you can catch the guy lighting them at dusk. this is a nice place next to the river where you can get some great shots of the historical churches.

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for me the best views are from the (Parafia wojskowo-cywilna św. Elżbiety) church next to the main square you pay ($1) to climb 304 steps to the top of the tower up a spiral staircase. the views at the top are defiantly worth the climb.

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my recommended places to visit

- old squre (finding the gnomes)

- the best views (Parafia wojskowo-cywilna św. Elżbiety)

- old town surrounding the cathedral at night especially

places to eat

- charlotte cafe (lemon tart & the hot chocolate are amazing)

- stara paczkarnia (best doughnuts in the world)

how to get around

- walk around the city

- bus to the airport ($1.20)

where i stayed

grampa's hostel ($20 single room)

friends hostel & apartments ($20 single room) little noisy if your at the front of the property.

if you need an apartment

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