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'the ultimate privacy tool for nomads'

i came across last year while researching how to protect my chase debit card details online. now while it states on the website that the main function of the service is to protect your bank details while shopping online & to stop unwanted charges from those pesky subscription services. now the main use of the service is for consumers to purchase online in the usa but i have found this service to be very useful while traveling abroad. I’m a photographer, i travel around tenmonths of the year all over the world doing what i love. this service has helped me enormously on my travels from individuals & companies wanting to take my hard earned cash.

let me explain further…...

i am a traveler, not a tourist. i spend most of my time in hostels & locals homes while on my journey using mostly local transport companies. now here is where’s service comes into play. while I’m traveling i need to book hostels & transport online normally a few weeks before to make sure that my plans go smoothly. a lot of the places i stay are not present on websites like so when booking most hostels ask for my card details to confirm the booking over email. this is also the case with tour and transportation companies in underdeveloped regions like south America (where I am currently).

so now instead of hesitating to give my details over email as i was always taught never to give me details to anyone over email or phone. i just create a card on the app mostly burner cards as that card won’t be used again and it only allows for one transaction so its perfect. i have also been in situations where my mastercard is not excepted for some transportation and tour companies so i have just to pull out my phone, fired up the app and create a burner card as the service is using visa. its worked so many times & while you will get some strange looks but once it goes through they are happy.

fee’s?’s fees are extremely low on foreign currency transactions, its only (1%). this compares to my chase debit that charges (3%) plus a terrible exchange rate. uses the most current exchange rate. this honestly saves me hundreds of dollars over the year.

is it safe?

yes. i use google authenticator as a two factor authentication on my mac & touch id on my iPhone. i have never had any issues with anyone trying to gain access to my account. like with any service it cannot be 100% safe but its is pci-dss and they are to the same rigorous standards as your bank.

has it saved me from a fraudulent transaction?

yes. earlier this year i had an unauthorized transaction on the card from an unknown source that had somehow got hold of my card details. as i had used the virtual card before it was linked only to so no other companies or persons could charge that card. i did let know about the situation but they did nothing about it. it was a great save by the service as they sent me a notification and if i would have used my bank card i could have been $1000’s in the red if i didn’t use’s virtual card.

to sum up…

i cannot see now how i would go back to using my debit card while travelling again or online. it has totally changed the way i pay. this is the future of privacy payments.

get your account here for free with an extra $5 credit included.

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