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48h guide | lake bled | slovenia | '18

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'a tiny lake with slovenia's only island that has captured the world's imagination'

lake bled is situated in the tiny country of slovenia wedged between italy, austria & croatia. its also the first country in the world to be declared a green destination. as i drove from budapest and entered slovenia i could really see why its been declared a green destination, the landscape looks as if it was plucked from a book of fairy tales.

as we drove from the south of the country towards our final destination lake bled the landscape started to become mountainous. then as we drove down the valley we finally caught our first glimpse of the magical lake.....

lake bled
lake bled sunset

what's so special about lake bled?

quite simply its the nature that is surrounding the lake and of course the church that has been built on the island in the middle of the lake, let's not to forget the medieval castle that is perched high above the lake on a vertical cliff face gives the whole area a sense of wonder.

the lake its self is not actually that large and can be walked around in less than 1 hour. to the east of the lake, you find all the accommodation, restaurants and touristy shops but i do have to say that it is not been over done i think they have found a good balance between amenities for the tourists and keeping the look and feel of a small rural village. from vegan bars to ice cream stalls you will find everything you need for your trip in this area. you'll also find the castle close by here too.


all the images at the top of this article were taken from ojstrica view point. its located to the west of the lake and can be found easily on google maps. its takes around 30mins to hike up and you need need to clamber up some rocks too so this is not one for grandma. once you arrive at the top you will be welcome with some of the most spectacular views you have ever seen but also alot of other people taking selfies so my suggestion is to get there at sunrise if you're a serious photographer. i also shot at sunset but got there around two hours before to get a good spot for the dramatic colours that come into view as the sun sets behind you.

the castle; this beautiful medieval castle perched on top of a sheer cliff face is a truly beautiful site. once you arrive at the top your welcomed some truly amazing views of the lake and surrounding areas. its a great place for a selfie. it's about €10 for the entrance and don't forget to visit their honey shop its some of the highest quality in the world, they are famous for honey making in this region.

now this is one for the kids & adults who still want to feel like a kid. its the summer toboggan that takes you don't the side of the hill super fast. let's call it a primitive rollercoaster but its is super fun. wait time can be a while but get there early to get up fast.

lake bled landscape

places to eat..

we had some amazing vegan burgers at public & vegan kitchen bled. the service is great and even if your not vegan you will enjoy the flavour of all the dishes. its also a bar where you can grab a drink and watch the football if you want.

the bled cream cake; this cake which is made from cream & custard with puff pastry was made famous by a local hotel many years ago and is now sold in every restaurant and coffee shop in the area. speaking of a coffee cafe confectionary winter has some of the best coffee / cakes in the area. it's situated off the main tourist trail and feels like a local place, it was my favourite while in lake bled.

surely i cannot mention all the places to eat but you will find some super nice restaurants all around the lake so take a stroll around and pick what takes your fancy.

where to stay

we stayed at vila lipa its a budget friendly b&b located a few mins walk from the lake in a super quiet area. rooms have balconies and everything is super new as they have not been open for long. staff are always on hand to help with your every need.




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country travel tips

atm: any is fine most are free.

sim card: vodafone has the best coverage in the area.

transport: bus are car are the best way to get aorund.


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