i’m Carlo, 36yrs old. i decided to retire from my job in luxury fashion in 2016 to follow my dreams. It was such a big decision to leave the company (valentino) after five amazing years with the some of best colleagues I have ever had the pleasure of working with…

why? well, the simple answer is that life is too short & it’s not a rehearsal. If you have the means & the opportunity to live your dream then you should go for it, right?

since i was young i have always felt the pull of travelling, the need to explore new countries & cultures, it’s a feeling i have had ever since i was a young boy looking through atlases & encyclopaedias with my grandfather (pre-internet)

my history? I'm originally british & as we all know in england the weather plays a huge part in ours lives it's the subject that everyone speaks about daily. like most families in england i started my foreign travels when i was very young, when my grandparents moved to tenerife in the canary islands. I used to go every year to enjoy the glorious sunshine that seemed like it would never end. you knew when you woke up the next morning the sun would be shining once again. i have always wondered why people were so happy there compared to england & then i came to the realisation it was mainly down to the weather & the lifestyle that this fuels.  

my journey began in september 2016.... in 2018 i became a pilot with the purpose of helping charities in need free of charge. 

albania, andorra, angola, armenia, australia, azerbaijan,  belgium, brazil, cambodia, canada, china, chile, colombia, costa rica, croatia, cuba, curaçao, czechia, dominican republic, egypt, england, ethiopia, france, gambia, georgia, greece, germany, guatemala, hong kong, hungary, iceland, ireland, india, indonesia, isle of man, italy, japan, kenya, kosovo, kyrgyzstan, macedonia, madagascar, maldives, malaysia, mexico, moldova, morocco, mozambique, myanmar, namibia, netherlands, new zealand, oman, pakistan, panama, paraguay, peru, philippines, poland, portugal, qatar, russian federation, rwanda, senegal, scotland, slovakia, south africa, south korea, spain, sweden, switzerland, tanzania, thailand, tunisia, turkey, uae, uganda, united kingdom, ukraine, united states, uruguay, vatican city state, viet nam, wales, zambia, zimbabwe.

countries i have lived in, to date….

australia, bulgaria, czechia, canada, italy, new zealand, sweden, poland, united kingdom.