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free things

here you  will  find  discount promo codes to websites & apps that i use while on my travels.

it always helps to save a little money as it will give you the opportunity to travel for longer...  

local stays

you can rent and stay in local accommodation run by locals worldwide. a great way to integrate into the culture of a country. 


for $35 free credit.


this is my go to app if all the others fail. instant confirmation, paperless check-in and offline maps, every time you book. Most are bookable without a credit card!

for $20 free credit.

money transfer

transfer money quickly, easily & at the lowest price possible. tranferwise is my go to website to make all foreign transfers the money is normally in the bank within 3 days and it has the best conversion rates.

for a free transfer

currency card

Unite all your existing payment cards into one card and app, accepted everywhere. Eliminate your existing cards roaming fees

download the app 


for a free card & £5 credit