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tile mate

tile is a set of bluetooth tracking tags that helps you to track the location of your items. this is a great extra security measure for expensive items such as cameras, iPads, laptops you may be traveling with. 

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I’m a self confessed gadget geek. here you will find all the equipment i use to facilitate my travelling life. its make my life generally easier & safer when on the road..

sony a7iii

the sony a7iii is the perfect camera for any traveller who is interested in photography. if your looking a full frame camera then this is the perfect one for you. if photography is more of a hobby for you then i would recommend the sony a6000.

sonya73 camera


this is the best laptop that i have ever owned its definitely the lightest and as weight is a huge deciding factor in what to pack this is the best laptop for the job. its a little on the expensive side but worth it. 

iphone 12 pro

one of the most popular phones in the world. i remember when i first started travelling i didn't even have a phone now i couldn't live without it. i do photo editing, music, booking hostel and most important the maps app..

iphone 12 pro max


this device lets you listen to in-flight  entertainment & anything that does not support bluetooth audio. the airfly pro goes one step further by letting two people listen to the same movie or music track at the same time.

solar charger

when out in the wild charging points for you devices are few. this unit solves all the problems as it has two usb charging ports to charge your items on the go. a tip is to attach it to your backpack while walking in the day.

solar charger anker
saal photo printing


saal digital is a great website for printing images from your trip abroad on paper or wall posters to hang around the house. the quality and service is amazing especially their software. get yours here...

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