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& money

security always needs to be taken into account on every trip. here you will find a few services that i use that will make your travels safer while on the road. you can also find some money saving websites here.

currency card

Unite all your existing payment cards into one card    & app, accepted everywhere. this card eliminates all your roaming fees. it charges 1% above the currency exchange base rate. this compares to an average of 3% from banks. the app is great as it give you real time transaction updates. it has pause feature on the card to stop unauthorised transactions while not in use. this card is invaluable to me to fight fraud. 


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money transfer

this is by far the best website & app for transferring money worldwide. it has the best rate possible for transferring funds abroad. very easy to use with fast transfer times normally within 48hr. you can send small or large amounts of money with ease. i have used this service for over 2 years and trust it 100%.


USE CODE; c8891

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the tile mate is a set of bluetooth tracking tags that helps you to track the location of your items. this is a great extra security measure for expensive items such as cameras, iPads, laptops you may be traveling with. use the connect app to locate all your items with 50m if your items is out of range report it lost on the app. when anyone with the tile app passes close to your items you will get an alert to the location.

online privacy

i stumbled across this website while reading an article forbes magazine. this website give you the ability to create burner debit cards for online purchases and subscriptions. they charge no visible fee's for the service. I use it to pay for online transactions and telephone payment services were my bank card number could be compromised. you can set charge limits & and use a any address for your billing address. this service is great for international online transactions as the cards are never declined. it is linked to your bank account and all charges are in $. 

*please note this service is only for US bank accounts.