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mobile apps

here you will find my personal collection of apps that i use on a daily basis while on the road. most of these apps i find invaluable to save time & money while I'm out on the road. you will also find some promo codes. 

local places

all curated by local experts whose travel guides bring a city’s true character to life. offline GPS & maps. supports most major cities worldwide.

offline maps

entirely offline maps with turn by turn navigation. all counties supported with most hostels and attractions pre installed. also has the ability to add own pins to maps.

advanced maps

the gold standard in maps with amazing accuracy and most countries supported. Offline is available in most countries around the world. you can also save your favourite places. 

maps & reviews

millions of traveler reviews, photos, & offline maps. a great way to see places of interest around the world with all countries supported. reviews by the public 


cheap flights

my go to app with great features like monthly travel everywhere searches. slick new all-in-one travel app. Instantly search, compare and book cheap flights

organised travel

i use tripit to plan, book, and manage every aspect of my trips it automatically organizes your trips. they organise it in an easy to understand timeline.

flight analysis

this is a new find for me.  it analyzes billions of flight prices daily to predict how prices will change, advising you to buy or wait to book your trip. 

european flights

i fly with ryanair on a monthly basis. you’ll find the lowest fares while traveling in europe. fares from $5 one-way. buy early as prices rise quickly the closer to the departure date.


for me this is the best & most comprehensive hostel booking site. login to see future booking get updates, guides and information on your hostel is such a simple as easy to use way.

free stays

this is by far one of my favourite apps. Stay with locals in every country on earth as the app suggests on their couch. it facilities meeting locals & best of all its intended to be free.

local stays

you can rent and stay in local accommodation run by locals worldwide. a great way to integrate into the culture of a country. 


for $35 free credit.


this is my go to app if all the others fail. instant confirmation, paperless check-in and offline maps, every time you book. Most are bookable without a credit card! 

CLICK HERE for $20 credit

money transfer

all curated by local experts whose travel guides bring a city’s true character to life. GPS is free with super-fast offline...


for a free transfer

travel card

Revolut removes all currency exchange fees so you can now exchange and spend money globally with no fees at all comes with a pre paid debit card. 


currency card

Unite all your existing payment cards into one card and app, accepted everywhere. Eliminate your existing cards roaming fees 


for a free card & £5 credit

virtual card

Get a new virtual card for every transaction. Generate random Privacy Visa® cards to protect yourself when you spend online.


for $5 free credit


the best social network around a great way to keep in touch with friends from around the world. keep up to date will all the latest news and events. 

share photo's 

my most used app while traveling. i use it to share all my images i take from around the globe. its a great way to keep your network up to date in a more casuals way than facebook. 

share in short

one of the most well know social apps. i use it to share my photo's & blog posts while on my travels. all done in 160 characters or less. 

free calls

this was the company that started the internet calling age. the app is slick and the call quality is great. the best feature is the video conference calling for upto 25 friends.


for all your daily messaging needs. this is my most used app with over 1 billion people using it around the globe. voice messages and calling are a great feature. 


a separate messaging app for all your personal communication  between Facebook friends. you can also use the voice call feature.

free calls

this app is mostly used in europe for mainly calling and messaging. its very similar to what's app. 

virtual number

while traveling for long periods it not possible to keep the same number in different countries. this app gives you a fee USA virtual number for anyone to call you on your travels.