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gear review | roam luggage | a unique custom made carry-on

roam luggage on cruise ship

luggage to match your style

There’s has been a lot of news surrounding the checked-in luggage chaos this past summer with airlines losing or leaving behind passengers' luggage at a record rate in airports around the globe. Recently i decided to only travel with a carry-on due to the disruption it can cause when you bag goes missing. This is where ROAM's rolling luggage thats designed to fit perfectly inside the overhead bins has been a game changer.

As a full time, traveller with over 60 flights taken this year i was excited to get my hands on ROAM's the large carry-on a fully customisable rolling luggage that gives everyone the opportunity to be a designer & customise the colours of all the bags components, giving everyone the chance to express their style at the airport.



The first point of call is to head over to ROAM's website to start to design the perfect carry-on. Seven elements of the luggage are customisable with a myriad of colours available from como blue to bermuda pink giving you the opportunity to let your imagination run wild to create a truly unique piece.

Elevating the luggage into what was previously only possible with luxury brands is the inclusion of a monogram patch on the back that can make anyone brim with pride in what they have created.

roam luggage at vienna airport

materials & aesthetics

ROAM's the large carry-on suitcase is very sleek & modern. The monogram detailing adds just the right amount of of high-end personalisation.

Available in eights colours the lighter ones look really nice and classy but remember that they will show scratches more than their counterparts. I’ve been using the Cornwall slate & Venetian green combo that i designed which works very well but the slate colour has more of a blue hint compared with the colour shown on the website.

The large carry-on is made from light weight virgin polycarbonate. The hard sides are structured and sturdy—but the double zipper for the expandable version adds a lot of flexibility…and not necessarily in a good way as the case needs to be full to keep it rigidness, that said its not a deal breaker i would like to see future iterations of the case address the issue of a floating front compartment but this is honestly an issues with most cases i have used.

The zipper itself is of great quality & water resistant helping to keep all your valuables inside safe & dry.

roam luggage on cruise ship

external components

You probably don’t spend too much time thinking about telescopic handles on luggage, but it is likely the thing you’ll interact with the most while traveling. And the handle on the ROAM the large carry-on is excellent. It’s four different settings makes it comfortable to hold as you roll along through the airport or from your taxi to your hotel.

I like the four options as it means the suitcase will work for both me and my partner who is a little shorter.

The suitcase also features two grab handles—one on the side and one on the top, which are pretty standard for rolling luggage but you can choose your colours as i did matching it to the zipper in rio fire red. Both handles are slim and flush to the suitcase, so it can be fiddly to get your hands under them. However, when you do, they expand some & are comfortable to hold over short distances (like on and off the plane or up a flight of stairs). They are also quite handy for tugging the suitcase in and out of the overhead bin or back of a taxi.

The zippers are lockable with TSA-friendly locks, which is nice to have for peace-of-mind. They’re also easy to use—slide both of the zippers to the top and pop them in the lock. To unlock them, enter your 3-digit code, slide the mechanism, and boom—the zippers will pop right out. Easy, peasy.

The ROAM large carry-on also comes with a luggage address tag that is under the monogram patch, so you are more likely to get your luggage returned to you if things go awry.

roam luggage inside

inside the suitcase

Alright, let’s open this little beauty up. It opens like a traditional suitcase—clamshell-style. This is super convenient as it allows you to pack & access your stuff from a variety of different angles and, of course, means you can see all of your gear and organise it. That said, you have to splay it all the way open to get to your stuff out. (There are no quick-grab pockets on this suitcase).

On both sides, you’ll see two compression straps. These straps are excellent—they’re smooth to adjust and keep everything tidy and compressed. There are also zippered compression boards. Because the boards are a little stiff, it helps compress your clothes even more. On it, there’s a zippered pocket that works well for flatter items—socks, undergarments, notebooks, books, etc.

Overall, there is plenty of space for short trips or long-term travel if you go for the expandable version which adds an additional 28% capacity, I fit everything needed for a week-long cruise & had plenty of room to spare. But if you do need a little bit more room, ROAM does offer the check-in case which as the name suggests, is far larger.

roam luggage close up


After my first trip everything is holding up well. I have noticed a few scratches, but nothing that’s disappointing or, to be frank, unexpected for hard-sided luggage (which tends to scuff up faster than soft-sided luggage). I would recommend going for the darker colours if you are a stickler for scratches.

ROAM luggage is protected by a lifetime warranty, which covers any damage that impacts functionality. I haven’t tested the warranty as i haven’t needed to yet.

final thoughts...

The ROAM large carry-on is a solid piece of roller luggage. It’s well-constructed and has plenty of features that are nice to have while traveling. If you’re looking for a stylish rolling luggage that can match your personality & you plan to use it for short trips, then you’ll probably love this thing. If you have a more adventurous travel style that involves navigating uneven terrain, then a backpack would be more suitable

get your carry-on here | starting at $575

the all new front pocket carry-on

The release in 2023 of the new front pocket carry-on is a true game changer. It's been designed to elevate the travel experience by giving you an easy to access area for all your must need items such as your laptop, passport and books. While it seems like a small upgrade i can say firsthand that it has made my time at the airport security line much faster and organised, no need to rummage through the main compartment searching for that illusive e-reader.

order the front pocket case here | starting at $625


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