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a global routine health insurance for remote staff

as more businesses change their working habits to let more of us work remotely a curious issue has arose as those workers who choose to work abroad with their newfound freedom find themselves without routine health insurance as in europe & other countries the social security payments mostly only cover in-country health care. therefore, companies like safety wing are stepping in to offer remote working the opportunity of truly global health insurance.

what the difference between remote health & travel insurance?

a key fundamental difference is that remote health is a routine health insurance that covers routine visits to the doctors for check-ups, vaccinations & dental. Travel insurance only covers emergencies that arise while abroad.

one big caveat with standard travel insurance comes in the form of 'maximum days per trip' as most (99%) of companies only cover you for trips of less than thirty days at a time. this is not so helpful when you would like to move temporarily or permanently to another country.

the 'remote health' product is available for companies to insure their employees & for individual remote workers. There are a few key differences between the 'group' & 'individual' insurance which we'll get into later.

remote health insurance coverage

so, what's covered?

remote health is comparable to the private or social healthcare that you would receive in your home country. the difference here is that this can be used in over 175 countries worldwide for hospital visits, dental treatments & general health care related issues. as a nomad myself living in seven countries in the last ten years with a remote passive income i was not paying social insurance in those countries & therein lies the issue. if you are not permanently registered in a country it is close to impossible to use the healthcare system be it social or private as you are not employed in that country & not paying taxes this is why you have to pay vast amounts out of your own pocket. don't think of this as travel insurance this is exclusively for your health & wellbeing.

at the time of drafting this article we are currently in the covid-19 pandemic that most travel insurers have withdrawn coverage for, but safety wing has decided to cover pandemics to my surprise.

safety wing remote health insurance

features and benefits

automatic monthly flat pricing: claims can be done while abroad, easy to use dashboard, add-ons & in my experience the team is knowledgeable & fast at returning emails with 24/7 operations. the overall maximum coverage limit is $1,000,000 per year.

- individual & group insurance

  • hospital & specialist fee's - up $1,000,000

  • diagnostic procedures i.e. MRI scan - $5000

  • cancer treatment - $1,000,000

  • routine & complex dental care - $1500*

  • emergency dental - $500,000

  • outpatient - $4,500

  • evacuation & repatriation - $100,000

  • vaccinations, maternity, $0 deductible - optional

  • covid-19 treatment included in coverage

price for remote health insurance safety wing

pricing & comparison?

after searing the web for global health insurance i found that only a few companies offered it & when i tried to get the quote at cigna for living in indonesia or japan they said i could not be insured. at safety wing they quote an estimated $153 as an individual & for the group insurance with 30-49 employees its estimated at $83.

is it legit??

they are partnered with 'now health international' . the company has a good reputation & i have not seen many negative reviews online. as with all health insurance you need to read the fine print to make sure that you are covered especially if you have any pre-existing conditions.

head over to the safety wing website (below) to get a personalised quote!!! if you have any questions please feel free to message me...

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